What is a Siamese cat?

Siamese Best Cat Ever

Some say the Siamese cat – link — is “the Best Cat Ever!” – link —   and that is true.  Did you know that Siamese are more than that?

Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds of cats.  There are examples of Siamese in Thailand historical documents as far back as the 14th century.  Making the Siamese one of the oldest breeds!  In these documents there are stories of Seal point Siamese doing guard duty and guarding the princess’s rings and jewelry!  Eventually, these cats where gifted to the west as political gifts to the British Cousul-General in Bangkok and became a hit with the cat fanciers in England in the late 19th century.  [Bill could we offer the history as an eBook that they could get on our list.]

Siamese are a pointed breed and their coat color is varied over their bodies becoming darker on the extremities.  Most people think this coloration is just that a color pattern.  But it is not, it is a reaction of the coat to temperature variations.  Where the cat is cooler it is darker.  For example on a Seal Point, the Ears, Face Tail and Feet all are darker and as the cat gets older, the cat becomes darker over the body as the body temp, comes down with age!  Siamese also all have Blue eyes!

Siamese are known as some of the most loyal and loving of all the cat breeds.  There are often very social almost ‘dog like’ and become very attached to their owners.  They are often like actors on a stage, loving adoration and doing crazy stunts to get your attention.  The Siamese can be depressed if not given the time and attention that they need to feel loved.  So they are often seen in pairs.  Brothers get along best.  Brother and Sisters next, followed by two Sisters.  The Siamese will do well as a single pet as long as there is enough activity at home to keep the cat entertained!

Meezers Come Out to Play

Siamese have a distinctive cry, they are known as “Meezers” – video link —  due to their voice. They can have a demanding and insistent voice when they want you to pay attention to their wants!

They are and active cat, loving to play and fetch.  Loves to play with toys and chase their balls and wands.  They will often wear you out before they are ready to quit!  They are easy to train and often go out on leashes and like to be taken on car rides and out into public. If you are not careful, they will train you!  And soon, you will do just what they wanted you to do all along… saying “Yes, Master!” 

They also are good with dogs, often forming very close bonds with their canine friends. Siamese – link —  can live for a very long time, but, they do have their problems; They can get FAT!  A Siamese cat holds the record for the fattest cat!  They can also have eye and teeth problems if not properly bred from resistant stock.

So, Siamese are one of the oldest and beloved breeds of cats today.  They come in two styles: the Wedge-head which is the current show style and known for its more extreme looks, and the Traditional, the style that for which Kittentanz – link here — is renowned.

Siamese Kittens for Sale

As was mentioned above, we feel like the Traditional Siamese kitten is the most loving and playful companion for you.  Since the choices of a lifelong feline friend is crucial, the Siamese brings loyalty and fun to their owners. 

Please click here to see the kittens that we have available.  Call us directly at 770-735-1405 and we will be glad to show you “the Best Cat Ever!”  – The traditional Siamese cat!

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