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find your Kittentanz kitten!
this is Gwen's Blue Mink Tonkinese male

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find your Kittentanz kitten!
this is Ellie's Seal Point Siamese male

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this is Jinx's Blue Mink Tonkinese male #2

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find your Kittentanz kitten!
this is Kamie's Natural Mink Tonkinese male

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find your Kittentanz kitten!
this is Meeko's Blue Point Tonkinese female #1

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find your Kittentanz kitten!
this is Moon's White Javanese female #1

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find your Kittentanz kitten!
this is Smore's Natural Solid Tonkinese female #1

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find your Kittentanz kitten!
this is Moon's White Javanese male

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find your Kittentanz kitten!
this is Meeko's Blue Mink Tonkinese female #3

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What’s New?

May 15th, 2024

Hi Kittentanz Family!

We are back from our big trip to Italy! Carol and Katie and all of the rest of the staff at Kittentanz kept all the kittens happy and fed while we were gone!  Thanks guys!  Chaya Wolf has left us to pursue her dream of being a counselor at a Christian retreat for kids and we are sad to see her go, but glad for her to have her dream opportunity!

We saw all of the “big stuff” in Italy and we also saw the cat sanctuary at Caesar’s death location (Largo di Torre Argentina) and all the cats on Mykonos and Santorini! It was a magical trip and we are thankful we got to go!

I will be doing some updates to the web site to clean up the mess that is the “Supplies” area as it has been difficult to keep recommended products linked.  We are also exploring other food recommendations since Purina Animal feeds has expanded so rapidly into a World Wide supplier, its focus as a “local source” company has waned. In short, they have lost our trust..   But, Michelle and I are looking for the best recommendations for food in the future!  As of now, we have to stick with Purina as our go to recommendation for customers as everyone can get it and we have not found a better “Mass Market”  replacement.

We are still working through the transition to Square as our CC processor and that might change once again. So, please bear with us!   We are getting ready for Summer here and the late Spring flowers are all blooming!  (Privet!..sniffle, sniffle) and we are making some changes to our runs where we keep our Adults.  We are adding some plexiglass to the ceilings as we have had some escape artists climbing up and out into the main room!  (Cue the “Mission Impossible” theme!)  So, the plexiglass will make sure the arranged marriages stay arraigned! No problems yet, but better to be proactive!  Other than these few things (Hah!), we are raising kittens, vegetables, chickens, and grandchildren here at Kittentanz!  As usual, we have lots of cute kittens available so, if you want your “Best Cat Ever!” better call us soon!

~ Catman

February 23rd, 2024

Hi Kittentanz Family!

I am finally getting back to normal from my illness.  It has taken a year to finally feel somewhat normal again!  I am working on some projects though..  I am slowly getting the CCR website rewritten and I am getting a new Credit Card processor (Square) set up.  Square will allow us to process your cards quicker and more efficiently.  On another note, Michelle and I will be planning some travel soon!  We are going to Italy! We are taking the opportunity, while we can, to go to a “Bucket List” trip for Michelle and me.  There go all the award miles… Ha!  We will be gone nearly a month but, Carolyn and Katie and the rest of the Kittentanz gang will still be here!  So, no worries there.  Plus, with todays web access, we will not be truly “gone”.    Winter is in it’s last gasps here and the daffodils are already blooming.  We will soon have the famous dogwoods to decorate our mountain sides.  We have plenty of spring kittens available so, if you want your “Best Cat Ever!” better call us soon!

~ Catman

About Kittentanz:

We are a Cattery in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in breeding traditional Siamese kittens, otherwise known as “Applehead” Siamese kittens, and traditional Tonkinese kittens. Besides “Applehead” Siamese or traditional Siamese kittens, and Tonkinese kittens, we often have Balinese and Exotic kittens.

Owned and operated by Bill and Michelle Harrison, we are registered with  CFA, and CCR and also, we are registered with the Georgia Agriculture Commission as a licensed pet dealer. Together we have over thirty three years experience raising and selling kittens.

Kittentanz Cattery office hours are 9:00 am- 5:00 pm -EST, Mon- Sat, by appointment, closed Sundays. Please E-mail anytime for a quick reply!  Kittentanz takes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex and PayPal. 

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Traditional Siamese, Applehead, Balinese and Tokinese kittens. Our Live Kitty Cam!
We are Michelle and Bill Harrison and we have been breeding and selling kittens together for over 40 years. Kittentanz Cattery is in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains and we specialize in traditional “Applehead” Siamese kittens, and traditional Tonkinese kittens. READ MORE