Siamese and Babies!

We often hear that “the cat resents the new baby” or “the cat is jealous of the new baby.”  This may be true, but do not assume this is the cat’s motivation for house soiling. We have found that is usually not what is going on.  Pottying is about going to the bathroom, not about jealousy.

Cats often quit using the litter box while the lady is pregnant.  Her husband is supposed to be cleaning the litter box, but he does not meet the cat’s standards.  The next difficult time is when the baby comes, and the cat box is not getting attention because NO ONE but the new infant is getting attention….

Purchasing any one of many automated litter cleaning products such as Litter Robot, Litter Maid, Cat Genie, etc. will keep the cat’s litter clean even when you are gone or preoccupied.  This is one time that money can buy happiness!

Another pit fall of new babies is that they soon grow into toddlers.  The most common reason cats and toddlers do not get along is that toddlers ambush cats in the litter box.  I am not picking on your parenting skills or your baby.  This is true of most homes and most toddlers.

Providing a safe place for kitty to potty will prevent trouble.  Not providing a safe place means your kitty will select a safe place.  Chances are, it will be an elevated location such as a bed or furniture.  Kitty will choose something nice and adsorbant that offers a good view of trouble on the way.

From the cat’s point of view, once you wash the bedding or clean the furniture, it is ready to “go” again!  Remmeber that the most important thing about a litter box is that the cat likes it and feels safe using it.  Your decorating ideas simply do not enter into the cat’s decision making process. So keep it clean, and keep it safe , and all will be well.. well at least with the litter box!