What is a Tiffany?

STORYTIME with Carolyn!

Let’s talk about Jade! But first.. let’s talk family background! Chocolate Chip (second picture) was a CCA registered Sable Burmese male we had the pleasure of owning. Kona *now named Shug, and 18 years old* is a Natural Mink Tonkinese (3rd picture). Pretty babies!

Jade (first picture) was the first Tiffany *now called Tibetan* Tonkinese Michelle had ever seen! How cool is that? She would now be 15, and she was one of my favorite cats when I was little!

Our Tiffany’s are few and far between, but definitely a favorite around here! They are just so cute! Because we all love to have a daily “Awe” – I have attached a picture of one of our current Tiffany kittens who already has a home. CUTE!

Have a purrfectly marvelous day everyone!