Siamese and Tonkinese – Celebrating the 4th of July!

Kittentanz kittens are generally pretty good with fireworks and other sudden noises.. but, those whose kittens are a less “laid back” might want to take a look at these tips for a more comfortable Fourth of July for your cats!

The first is pretty obvious: Keep your cats indoors!

Even if you are not setting off the fireworks yourself, there might be a lot of new sounds and people around. Making sure your cat stays indoors will insure that your kitty stays safe!

Make sure your cat can’t escape!

Go ahead and make sure all windows and doors are closed. Make sure all obvious “Hidey Holes” are blocked off. Cats can get into suprisingly small spaces when afraid! Make sure the cat door is blocked!

Let them use “Their Space.”

If they have a place they like to retreat to already, make it more appealing! Blankets or treats will enhance the experince. Remember the higher they are, they better they like it. As long as it is safe and accessable, set the spot up high!

Don’t confine them!

Don’t enforce kitty “jail time”, they might get hurt trying to get out. Let them find their safe space without enforcing it on them.

Distractions help!

Play a movie on the TV or music on radio. Cover the windows that might see flashes from the display to help insulate them from the fireworks.

Business as Usual

Don’t pick up or try to smother your cat! They can tell when you are upset for them and will pick up on this! These increases in stress hormones can cause them to act out or bite. Leave them be until morning.. They should be back to normal then! Take a moment to make sure you cats microchip information is squared away. That way, if there is an escape, you can be sure the chip info is accurate!

Watch those party foods!

Party foods can be a source of hazards for your cat! Here is a quick list of foods that your cat should never eat!

Onions and Garlic (That includes Summer Lillies!)

Chocolate and cookie dough

Alcohol and Sodas

Cheese and Milk

Grapes or Raisins

Keep this in mind and have a Happy and Fun Fourth!

The Catman